Jeremy Clarkson: 'Top Gear exit was my own silly fault'

So earlier today, much earlier today, Jeremy Clarkson entered a BBC building and was interviewed by Radio 2 breakfast show DJ Chris Evans (no, not Captain America). I've not had a chance to hear the show myself but the BBC has provided an article on the interview with a link to the interview. This might not work for people outside the UK.

Now you've probably heard several times that while Clarksons contract with the Beeb is over, that doesn't mean he's been banned from future work with the BBC. At one point he was booked to guest host an episode of "Have I Got News For You" but this was cancelled.

And let's face it. after the petition to get him reinstated, if anything's pretty clear, despite the "Fracas" with a Top Gear producer that cost him his job in the first place, Clarkson is still pretty popular, but the BBC has made it very clear that they will apply their rules about conduct equally to all staff, regardless.

More to the point it was Clarkson himself who reported the incident and accepted the blame was his. In later interviews he asked for people to leave the produce Oisin Tymon alone, as several people had attached all blame for the incident on him. People who of course had no way of knowing who really was to blame for the incident as so little information was actually available.

To cut a long story short, Clarkson and his co presenters Richard Hammond and James May along with the film crew had returned to their hotel expecting warm meals, but when told by Oisin Tymon that there was only a platter cold meats Clarkson lost his temper and verbally and physically assaulted the producer, only being stopped by Hammond and May, who later stated he was blind drunk and could barely remember anything.
Tymon was taken to hospital, convinced he had lost his job but took no action against Clarkson.
It was Clarkson himself, who was already on a final warning regarding allegations of racist behaviour on air, who reported the incident and accepted all blame, much as he did when quizzed about the situation by journalists camped on his doorstop.

Chris Evans himself has been among the many names suggested as a possible new top Gear host, as a motor head with a private garage of classic cars, and as a veteran TV and Radio broadcaster whose no stranger to controversy, he certainly meets the criteria. But he himself has ruled himself out of the running.

Reports have came in of offers from as far as Russia, and Clarkson has admitted he has had various offers of employment but wasn't going to jump into anything. That said the trio are set to go on tour, a tour that was supposed to be part of the Top Gear brand but has now simply been renamed after themselves and stripped of all BBC references, and is essentially Top Gear in all regards as we've known it for the last ten years, but made by themselves, presumably their own way with out any BBC backing or interference.

This could be the purest Clarkson experience we have ever had.

Both Hammond and May have launched their own youtube channels in the meantime, featuring videos such as Hammond driving vintage cars out of shot and back into shot, and May poaching eggs.

In fact, there's even a youtube channel for the tour complete with video clips.


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