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Food special! Tuna can pack!

Someone sent me this to eat on camera........ Seriously.

Out of DATE Canned Tuna.

Go on, watch it.

Another look at the Velbon up-400 Monopod

Sometimes a hobby will teach you things, about yourself and the hobby itself. In the matter of photography balance and stability is a fairly major issue. And finding the right bit of kit to help stop the camera shaking and ruining your pics can be a bit of trial and error. Tripods and monopods both have their own pros and cons, one will be strong in some regard than the other, with neither being an outright winner.

But how do things stack up for my trusty (and slightly rusty) Velbon up-400 Monopod as I take a second look after I've made more extension use of it? Especially at it pulled double duty as a walking stick.