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Just seen a video about what Fake Gamer Girl are, the usual "they use boobs to get views". Just wondering, what REALLY is a Fake Gamer Girl?

This might be worth looking into, after all, there's plenty of accounts of female gamers feeling, well, quite fed up with all kinds of negative attitudes shown towards them in the gamer community. 
A lot of "Fake Gamer Girls" comments I've seen tend to be along the lines of general comments about boobs being on display, to the girl somehow being some sort of prostitute, and that last one might not be put across that bluntly, but certainly seems to be implied heavily.

We've probably all heard about how girl gamers get sexually harassed by male gamers when they play on line multi player and have their headsets on so they can chat to other players.

Or the female cos-player who goes to comic con dressed as her favourite character and gets accused of being a "fake geek girl" because she's actually in shape or has curves or has something about her body that  the onlooking commentator feels makes her not a "real geek girl."

To be fair though men who …