All kinds of Fitness stuff

Ok, so let's be honest here, can you tell I hit the gym? 

Well, I've been lifting weights, doing martial arts and messing around with yoga since my teens, and tried all kinds of equipment, so I thought it's the perfect subject to make some videos on and help people decide what equipment they might or might not want to use for home workouts. 

After all, not everyone can make it to the gym all the time and not everyone wants to pay the gym fees and get changed in the changing rooms with all those sweaty, sweaty people there, sweating.

And not everyone wants to sit around in the gym waiting for that roid machine to get off the bench press machine they've been hogging for the last twenty minutes.

So here you can see two types of videos, my reviews of fitness gear, and challenge videos I've done, like the 22 Pushup Challenge I took part in.




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