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Worst foods ever? The Banana Pizza Taste Test!

Ahhh, the things you find online, from people offering friendship based on mutual likes or dislikes to...... other things that aren't really family friendly.

And of course that means sooner or later you will see MEMES being posted, shared and commented  upon. And some can be funny, others bewildering, and some, perhaps best left to be forgotten about.

This is one I've decided to take a bit further.

Hence the taste test.

So what could possible have made think this was a good combination? Better question, what was the person who made this meme in the first place thinking of at the time?

My first thought came to Doctor Who. More specifically Matt Smiths Doctors food choice after he had regenerated, the rather unusual combo of fish fingers and custard.

And some people have tried it. Or at least have said they've tried it, and say it taste great. Or so they say. Other have filmed themselves eating it and put it online!

So who am I to not try the same?