Sword of the Samurai - Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebook Review

Pssst, Fighting Fantasy fans, remember this classic adventure game book? Sword of the Samurai?
Sword of the Samurai is probably one of the most unique in the Fighting Fantasy series, set in a rich Japanese fantasy world, and adding it's own unique touches to the Fighting Fantasy role playing series, this is quite the must read.
Check out this review.

Craghoppers hiking shirt review

Craghoppers, the brand behind various hiking clothes like trousers and shirts, have not sent me anything to review. Because why would they? I bought this myself to wear when I go and do stuff outside, like hiking or camping, so I've put it through it's paces a fair bit, so here's my video review of it. As always, like, comment, rate and subscribe for more.   

James Bond - 23 Film Collection Blu-ray review

Never fear, James Bond is here. Don’t think that was a line in any of the movies but now I have 23 of them in this nifty box set I can quickly check that.  After a few hours of watching the movies that is.
But any way, he's got a license to kill, I've got a license to review! Let's see what happens when I put Bond in my sights.

Erm..... second thoughts, let's not point anything at that man.

Star Trek TOS box set review

Star Trek changed everything, and this box set's designers certainly tried to take things out of the box when they came up with the box set concepts by using the concepts and themes and even props used as equipment from the show in their efforts to bring us all something a bit different.

But how does it all hold up when put under the lens of my camera as I beam down to my reviewing table to scan it with my own sensors?

The Oral B Electric toothbrush review (Now why didn't blogger pick up on the title the first time?)

​Brush, brush. brush your teeth, gently up and down, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, plaque will soon be gone.
So I got my hands on a good old fashioned Oral B electric toothbrush that I had forgotten I had and only charged up once a few years back.
Does it still work? Is it any good?
So I charged it up, setup the camera, and here's the results for you to see in glorious video!

Geralt The Witcher, vinyl figure review

Geralt The Witcher, is now available in the form of a vinyl figure for all you collectors out here, and it's not from the people who make the same identikit bobble headed types.

This is from jink, or j!nk if you want to get serious about it, and as such it stands out straight away in it's own stylised way that is still instantly recognisable as the White Wolf himself.

The Zicac camera vest (re) review

And do so in today's Deja Re Review, I look at the The Zicac camera vest review, after some substantial field testing where it's really been put through it's paces, what do I think of it now?