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Shadowplay - getting the sound to work

Ok, been trying to get Shadowplay to work properly for awhile now, if you've used it your probably aware of it's sound recording issues. Here's a few possible solutions on this video.

For those that don't know, Shadowplay is a recording tool that is part of Nvidias GeForce Experience software. This is designed to recording gameplay from your PC to make your own videos to share on social media. So that would be video game reviews, lets plays, or just sharing fun times with friends. Chances are you knew that, but there's always some people who click and link and end up on a page about something else then they were expecting :)

Now the thing I want to make clear is, none of these are guaranteed to work, certainly since the last time I updated the software I've had no problems, but I'm not holding out hope here that will always be the case.
I've been experimenting with the software for age because overall, when it works, it works well, and regardless of the…