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A day trip out in Cumbria

Cumbria is one of most Northern parts of England, along with Northumberland they contain the entirety of Hadrian's wall and once you pass their borders north, you are into Scotland itself. A common misconception is that Hadrian's wall marks the border of England and Scotland, but that is not the case, as the wall is entirely located across the length of these two counties.
The county has the lowest population of all counties in England and is home to the Lake District, one of the most beautiful parts of the UK's countryside, and has inspired countless artists, musicians and writers over the years.
As it is a border county it has been the site of many battles and border skirmishes between England Scotland over the centuries, with various raids by the border revers and military action over the centuries. As such it is noted for the castles and other historical sites of interest, dating back to pre Roman times, including a fine collection of standing stones, some of which date…