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Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set Test, with Wayfayrer camping food - cooking test and review

Remember all that camping gear I got a few videos back?

Well, you've got to test things like that some time don't you?

Now as memory serves, I picked up a cooking pot, a bowl and some lovely prepacked food meal. Can you say "Grubs up" and "Hmmmmmm, yummy" ?
I know I can.

And if you want to sing "Ging gang goolie", please check your age or your sanity.

Back to the Deloreans! Just how many of these things ARE there?

Great Scott, this is heavy! 
And what better way to start up the write up to a review of not one, not two, but three of everyone's favourite time machines?
Ok, so the Tardis isn't here, if I find one of those I will review it, but right now, let's take a look at the car, or cars, of The Future!

Oh and on an unrelated issue, will the attendees of last years annual time travellersconvention please make sure to leave the premises before the attendees of the annual time travellers convention form five years in the future show up?

Thank you.