Need some Photography gear?

Photography is a fairly new hobby of mine, so naturally as I've gone around learning to ropes I've wanted to get my hands on new gear to help improve my photo game. It's a great way of getting out the house and getting some exercise, or at least scenic photography does, which is my main interest when snapping pics. Although I am interested in branching out and learning how to work with models sometime, that does look like it could be a good way to stretch myself creatively.

This page will give you access to some reviews of different equipment I've made use of over the years, as well as some montage videos of my shots, and even some experiments I've tried.

Equipment reviews:

Cleaning kit

A Monopod review

A Tripod review

Tripod Vs Monopod, which is the winner?

UV light and paint and some homemade filters

The Amazon haul Part 1

The Amazon haul Part 2

Digital Picture frame

Rode Pro Mic and other random gear

Get a Grip, a camera Battery Grip that is.

Lighting rig review

Various lamps and filters, and some experimenting

Camera setup for recording

Photoshoots montage videos

A day trip to Cumbria

Monopod vs Tripod dslr - slow shutter speed photography Experiment

Slow Shutter Speed Photography, Night Time Shoots Part 1

Slow Shutter Speed Photography, Night Time Shoots Part 2

Slow Shutter Speed Photography, Night Time Shoots Part  3

For the full playlist featuring all of these videos, please click Here.


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