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Just a quick little query about blog posts.

How do you like the blogs you read to be presented? I'm wondering about my presentation here and what, if anything I should do to spruce things up a bit.

Now obviously I post video reviews here and supplement with additional text that goes with the content of the video, certain videos don't need that much extra text by the very nature of what those videos are about. Others obviously can benefit from that.

But some articles I plan to have here in future, and some examples that I already have up, will be original articles, just words typed into the blogger, no video, and so far, nothing else added in either.

But would adding pictures relevant to the articles enhance them for you, the reader? Or would they be too distracting?

Please let me know your thoughts, your suggestions below in the comments section, because I want to make this blog a success, and I'm going to need feedback to do so :)

Much thanks.

How Star Trek Voyager could have been Much better from the get go.

Ok, let's take things back to the 90's here, where Star Trek spins off were plentiful thanks to the success of The Next Generation which made Paramount come to the genius decision to commission a second spin off, Deep Space Nine. And then, with TNG going off the air to take over the movie side of things as Kirk and crew made their final voyager together in The Undiscovered Country, and having spent seven years with five rather good seasons to it's name and three rather mixed seasons, and DS9 in it's second season, the decision was made to make a third spin off live action show, and would build on certain plot threads introduced in TNG and DS9 regarding the Nazi like Cardassians, and the Maquis. The Maquis (who took their name from WWII French Freedom fighters, becasue, why not?) are a group of Federation citizens who have taken up arms against the Cardassians as the Federation kept declining to take action to prevent the various incursions the Cardassians kept making i…