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Day two of my blogging

Ok, so day two of trying out bloging, and I'm still not sure if that should spelt "blogging" or "bloging", spell checker seems to be no help at all here and I can't be bothered to actually go an look something up like that on google right now, something that would literally take seconds, on the grounds that's 3.30 am as I type this, it's late and I'm tired.

But with day two and my late night tweaking of my new blog page I have managed to make a few changes, more through messing around with the settings and seeing what they do, and that's about it.

One thing I would have loved to get working is the gadget features, specifically the youtube gadgets, as I would love to link my videos up to this thing, but despite what the tools seems to offer, my tire brain can't quite get them to work right.

Oh well, always tomorrow, preferable with a fresher brain.

Still, I do feel like I've learned something, even if it just from messing about.