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The great outdoors Shopping Haul, Let's Get Ready For Camping!

Every now and then I like to go out for very long walks along the coast, in the wilderness, and any other place where I can get away from the humdrum boredom of everyday real life.  But there's always one thing we really need no matter where we are or what we are doing. 
And that is to eat. 
And drink.
And with that in mind I went to my local camping shop,  Ok, a camping shop nearby me, and bought a load of stuff for just that.
That's right, it's another haul, and best off, it's all practical stuff that could be handy.
For once
As always, click below for more subsistence. I mean food for thought. I mean, the main course..... I knew I should have picked something other then the food packets for my thumbnail.

Nom nom nom.

The Worst Presidents the USA has ever had (so far)

The CEO in Chief of the USADonald Trump is now well and truly sworn in and already doing everything he seems to think he has to in order to “Make America Great Again”, which seems to involving lots of weekends off on the golf course and managing to enrage many different groups with the amazingly sound actions he had already taken as soon as his fake tanned backside sat down in the oval office. These groups range from women's rights movements to entire countries the USA is allied with or have trade deals with, and more recently, Putin. Oh dear...... And these actions include signing legislation to make abortion illegal, and tearing up agreements signed by Obama because…. They were signed by Obama.
It looks like he’s set to be considered one of the worst presidents of the United States by many, before he’d even had a week in office, with various protests made before he was even sworn in and the turnout to his inauguration being one of the lowest ever. Unless you believe in Alternati…