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Velbon up-400 monopod review

So I've got myself a Velbon up-400 monopod, and I've got to say, I really like it. It's added some great stability to my camera when I take pics outdoors, it's easy to carry and use and helps give you some leverage if your in the "wilds" and the grounds a bit awkward.
It's multi section, strong and lightweight, and I find when taking panoramic it really does help make sure I get a good solid level to work with when turning the camera from point A to B to C and so on.
Of course I still have a long way to go with my own camera skills, I could do with a better lens methinks.

I've used it a lot more since I've done this initial review and I've found out a few more things about it since then, so I might need to revisit it. But right now I'm working on a review of a tripod

Click the video below for a look at the review itself.

Obi Wan LEGO buildable figure - REVIEW

You don't need to see his identification. This is the Lego figure your looking for, it's Obi Wan LEGO buildable figure.

Lego CITY starter - REVIEW

Look it's some Lego! Just some basic things but they're so much fun to build :P

Youtube Heroes and change of service terms, my response.

So I've not been using my blogger a lot, at all since December 2015 to be exact, and that's simply laziness on my part, and I intend to fix that. I've updated it with a whole load of my review videos, the blogs themselves are live but still need some more editing, which is far from perfect and certainly acceptably as they stand but I do intend to do something about them as soon as I can.
But for today I wish to discuss Youtube Heroes and change of service terms.

Not necessarily in that order.

I've made a video on today's topic, some might call it a podcast even. If that's the right term, then it's my first :)

So today I want to talk about a fairly major issue which I'm sure anyone involved in youtube in any way shape or form has been following for a while now. During this last month we have seen a change of service and and the Youtube Hero video presentation, both of which have divided opinions greatly amoungst youtubers. Both the stars and some of the sma…