Art and Stationary and other "creative" things, and the reviewing of

Ok, so drawing is and always has been one of my passions, I may not be the Next Big Thing of the art world, I may not be the Best or most talented or gifted artist out there, but I find it's a great way to relax, unwind and let your imagination wander, and I never pay attention to some troll who says my work is crap, or gay, or pointless, because who cares what they think? This is me expressing myself, not them, their opinion is about as valid or relevant as the political carer of Ed Miliband.

I'll admit there has been times I have fallen out of love with it, or simply not had the time I'd like to make the drawings I want to make. And if time allows I might put up a page dedicated to some of my artwork someday.

So is it any surprise that I've came up with a few reviews relating to this hobby? Read on below for some more things you can use to have fun in the world of art.


Review of art supplies, first impressions

Cheap stationary supplies

Avengers stationary

More art supplies, review

Another look at some art supplies

Art supplies - re-review

Art model vs LEGO Star Wars Model, which is better?

For the complete playlist for all these videos, please click Here.


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