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Clothes brushes and opera glasses - A Random Look At.

So, I've a new video up today, I posted it a few hours ago and meant to write this blog about it, but life interrupted and I got sidetracked with a few delicious message from a girl on a dating app I'm using at the moment.
Hmm, might want to review the dating app at some point, it's not Tinder, but it's somewhat similar.
Anyhow, back to the blog proper.
Well, for the last few years I've been living in what was my grandparents house, and I've been slowly redecorating a room at a time, most of their things I keep stored in the front bedroom in various boxes and old furniture, wardrobes desks and so on, the room looked like a time capsule of 1950's Britain, post world war two furniture that looks so totally different to the stuff you get today.
And now I'm in the process of trying to redecorate the front bedroom, and going through their things and seeing what I would want to keep, either because it's practical or has sentimental value and what can be g…