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And Ireland votes in favour of gay marriage

With more then 62% of the vote in favour of gay marriage, the people of the Republic of Ireland have spoken clearly in favour of equality in marriage making Ireland the first county in the history of the world to have voted into law gay marriage, meaning same sex marriage in now legal in twenty countries.

It should however be noted that only 60% of those eligible to vote, did, however the cheers and applause made on the announcement made it quite clear this was a victory for equality that is very popular with the people of Ireland. Most news sources confirm that the no campaign members conceded defeat very early on.

In other recent events earlier this week the court case involving a cake shop that was sued for refusing to bake a cake with a slogan supporting gay marriage, based on the religious views of the shop owner which of course were against gay marriage, found in favour against the shop owners.

Homosexual acts was decriminalised in Ireland twenty two years ago, after a referendu…