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Simon Pegg got critical of Sci Fi and Genre movies.

So you might have heard about this and thought "Why Simon? Why?" After all, he's not Simon Cowell.

Or you may have been one of the many people who felt so insulted that Simon Pegg has a different opinion about your favourite (or one of your favourite) genres that you felt you had to write a long insulting post about it and put it up on a forum somewhere, or on your Facebook account, or on your blog.


Well, I'm not one of the people who feels insulted. In fact, I can see where he's coming from, or might be coming from.Below is my post on the mater that I posted on a Facebook group I belong to. Slightly expanded as I've thought of other examples. Ok, at the end of the day he's as entitled to his own opinion as anyone else here is entitled to theirs, and I can see where he might be coming from here.
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Packing up some clothes? Do it with some suction.

Need something to help you pack up some clothes? I might have something to review you might like 

So, today I decided to look at some storage bags, but no ordinary storage bags, these are resealable, airtight bags with the options to add some suction to take out all the air, thus leaving them lighter, more tightly packed and presumable fresher once unpacked.

Yeup, whoever got the job of marketing these things must have had to spend some serious time trying to think up interesting things to say about these products.

I know I found it boring while making the video and I'm drawing an equal amount of blanks right now.

But hey, I think I found one interesting way to use the bag to make sure no one can get their hands on something I hold quite precious to me.

Actually, no, let's face it. doing what I did is pretty much the first thing ANYONE would have done. Some might have done it with food but I want to be able to use these things in future without my stuff getting caked in left o…