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A few tips about what to do in a knife attack

Given the recent knife attack in London on 04/06/17, I felt I should put together this video giving a few tips about what to do in a knife attack. This is not a practical demonstration of any self defence methods, just a brief guide on what to do to help you increase the chances that you survive such a horrible situation.

I must point out that this is not guaranteed to succeed, just hopefully give you a better chance of getting away and surviving. I've also included the main key points below the video too.

Here's a link to one of the news articles on the attacks as well.

1. Escape. Run away, put as much distance between you and the attacker as you can. Throw things at them if you have to, even if that slows them down just a little bit it gives you a better chance to escape.

2. Raise the alarm, scream, yell, make people nearby you are aware of what's going on, this might help save someone else's life as you try to escape, it might help get the police on the scene faster.