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Short, stabby sharp things. More wooden Swords Reviews!

So today I'm continuing my look at weapons of the old world, or rather wooden version of them as today I'm going to show you a few more examples of wooden swords that you can find at Amazon.
And all other good online shopping retailers. Probably.

Are they any good as practise weapons so you don't get hurt or are they better suited for cosplaying or maybe even larping? OR are they simply just play things meant for children?

Click the video to find out more.

My thoughts on "cultural appropriation" after reading a Facebook post.

From the Facebook group Not Real Life You can see their original post by clicking Here. My take.As far as I'm concerned anyone who starts sprouting off that someone is carrying out acts of "cultural appropriation" has no idea how people have for centuries been influenced by other cultures, in all areas, whether it be food, drink, art, music, language, literature, fashion, mathematics, BUILDINGS and so on and so on.It is called freedom of expression, freedom of learning, freedom to improve or change things to suit your own needs or desires, and if we didn't do that, then we would stagnate and nothing new would Ever be developed.And if there is anyone out there who still feels that "cultural appropriation" is wrong, please take a look around your own home, round up everything that has been developed by another culture originally, and added to your own collection of things, and get rid of it.
Are you a fan of the Beetles but aren't British? Do you have a p…