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A good head of steam! Hornby R3500 Sir Nigel Gresley Collection

Who likes railways? Who likes model railways? Allllllll aboard!

Sir Nigel Gresley may not have been the father of the steam engine but certainly some very good contributions to the development of the steam engine. Hornby have gathered four of his engines into this special collection of electric models that even the most casual fan of railways and engines will enjoy as much as the most hardcore collector.

Decked out in the their classic LNER livery, these four engines are beautiful examples of model railway engines, rich in detail, and ready to go straight from the box, so long as you have track already laid out and a control bloc, because these don't come with either, nor do they have any carriages or trucks to pull or shunt either.

But what are they like fresh from the box?

Watch the review here.

The joys of restrictive mode, or how YouTube is shooting itself in it's digital foot.

Ok, we've probably all heard at some point in the last few months youtubers mention that their video views are down, and everything seems to be blamed from changes in the algorithm to glitches and bugs and bad coding to Pewdiepies fiver video fiasco to advertisers pulling their ads because apparently terrorists have videos up on youtube.

I really don't want to go searching on that to confirm if it's true or not, there are some keywords you do not want showing up in your search history.

But I think, of all people, Onision has finally hit the nail on the head with the hammer, and found out just what might be the real reason behind this all.

Restrictive mode.

That's right, right at the bottom of the page is the option to turn on or off the restrictive mode, all in an effort by youtube to prevent "questionable content" being seen.

Now I've only just watched the video Onision has put up on this, and whatever you may think of him, when he does look into things …