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You are cordially invited - Coridal drinks review

Yeah, ok, I'll admit it, that was a terrible play on words. Puns are not my cup of tea. Neither is tea. In face my drink of choice is usually a dark, sugar infused drink that I'm somewhat amazed my mass consumption of hasn't made me a diabetic yet. And I've already looked at some Alternatives. Aside from that drink though, my OTHER drink of choice is Ribena, usually the blackcurrant variety, but when I was in the shops at the time of this video I couldn't find any of that flavour. So I went for the strawberry since it was there and saw these two cordials I'd never tried before. A brand called BottleGreen, one made of pure Elderflower, the other, Elderflower and Strawberry. My curiosity engaged and faced with a choice of a different version of a drink I knew I liked (but hadn't tried this version), and two different versions of a drink I'd never tried, I cut my losses and picked up all three. Yeah, I'm greedy. And I got lucky, all three were pretty…

Lego Plane review

So what could be better then building a lego plane? Well how about the plane and the transport truck to move it from site to site? And a few little pieces like the mini figs. Those are always good. In fact it would be a bit weird if a lego set like this came without any mini figs. Unless it was supposed to be tied into an Invisible Man set of some sort. Then that would make sense.  Sort of.
Ok maybe not.
But moving onto the set itself, it is rather good, like any number of real world planes, the wings fold up for storage on the transporter and when unfolded it really looks the part. In fact this gives the option to have the wings folded out at different angles so you could have nice variations on the plane general look from this alone. It comes with landing wheels which sadly don't retract but can be easily removed or added back onto as needed. The cockpit sits one mine fig and comes with a "flight computer" brick but no stick to fly it with.
The only real weakness f…

Dry Throat and bad cough cure. Possibly?

Hi everyone, as you may or may not know, I've been under the weather due to a nasty bug that's been going around making me cough my lungs up. Well, I'm sick of it and I've been looking for a cure. Have I found it?
Ok, so coughing my lungs up might be a bit further from the truth then it really is. It's has been bad, and I've certainly have thrown up, phlegm, bile, actual vomit from my stomach, but not my lungs, not yet, at least.
My symptoms have been around over three weeks now, and after a couple of trips to the doctors, apparently there's nothing they can do, it's a virus, it has to go do it's thing for two weeks. I've had it over three, give it more time they said.....
Meanwhile I have a dry throat that get's dryer each day, a sense of weakness and a coughing fit that makes everyone in the office look my way with looks of either sympathy or concern for the need of a bio hazard squad being called.
Even better the coughing fits can happen …

Star Wars - Rey's LEGO Speeder Review

Ok, so chances are good you've came across this while either looking for spoilers for The Force Awakens, the new Star Wars movie (as if that really needed to be pointed out) or trying desperately to avoid spoilers (both real and fake alike).  Or maybe you were trying to avoid all things Star Wars and found your way here anyhow.  What can I say, the force moves in mysterious ways. (Put down the bit of wall you've just destroyed with your bare hands, there's no need for violence.) That said you might be here for the review I've put up of Rey's Speeder, you know, the Lego toy that's been out for awhile and I just happened to put a review up a couple of days ago, I can't do a movie review yet, simply because I've not seen it. But I might remedy that in the near future. Anyhow I'm supposed to be bloging about the lego toy, not anything else, so allow me to get myself back on track here.
Ok, so the toy itself once constructed looks amazingly close to the…