You are cordially invited - Coridal drinks review

Yeah, ok, I'll admit it, that was a terrible play on words.
Puns are not my cup of tea.
Neither is tea.
In face my drink of choice is usually a dark, sugar infused drink that I'm somewhat amazed my mass consumption of hasn't made me a diabetic yet. And I've already looked at some Alternatives.
Aside from that drink though, my OTHER drink of choice is Ribena, usually the blackcurrant variety, but when I was in the shops at the time of this video I couldn't find any of that flavour. So I went for the strawberry since it was there and saw these two cordials I'd never tried before. A brand called BottleGreen, one made of pure Elderflower, the other, Elderflower and Strawberry.
My curiosity engaged and faced with a choice of a different version of a drink I knew I liked (but hadn't tried this version), and two different versions of a drink I'd never tried, I cut my losses and picked up all three.
Yeah, I'm greedy.
And I got lucky, all three were pretty good tasting. Of course I already knew that about the strawberry Ribena.
The other two cordials though, they were different to what I was used to. For one thing the packaging gave lots of ideas on other ways to use it, sophisticated ways like mixing it with coffee, or even champaign.
Myself, I just want a drink that isn't simply boring water.
Adding just the elderflower to the water did give a very noticeable sweet tang to it, of course adding anything to water will give water a noticeable tang, but this also made me want to slow down a bit, not so much to savour the flavour but more out of a fear that too much too soon might not be the best idea I'd ever had. But it was certainly something I enjoyed the taste of, and could easily come back to for more.
The strawberry version was a more familiar taste, not so much the elderberry as the strawberry taste took more centre stage here.
And of course I had to mix the two to see what I got.

Click the video for more.


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