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Need to keep your DSLR charged up for vloging? SinFoxeon Ack-E8 AC Power Adaptor

Ever been caught short?  ..... erm, of Power that is for your DSLR when your off taking some great pics or shooting videos?

I certainly do, and I use my cannon 700D (aka the rebel t5i) a lot for filming the videos I make for youtube, and even with a battery grip with two fully charged batteries lodged inside, it they can still run out of juice sooner or later, sometimes even when filming, which can be annoying.

If only there was a solution.

Oh wait, there is?
Enter the SinFoxeon Ack-E8 AC Power Adaptor, a nifty little add on for this kind of camera and several others too.

Click on the image below to go and watch my first impressions on the unboxing and first use.

Follow up review to come, I'm still giving this a good bit of field testing.