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So, I've been a bit busy of late.

Hi there, bit of a different blogger entry today.

Usually when I do these I'm making you aware of my videos on youtube, and of late I've been trying to branch out a bit a try other platforms, because, believe it or not, youtube isn't the only video sharing site these days.
Oh no, there are other options out there.
One of which is, which I've really been using as more of an alternative to facebook, but you can upload videos there too and even monetise them. Problem is every time I tried to do that, the upload failed. Until last night when I tried again and guess what? It worked!
Yay Minds.
The other place I've had way more success with in general is Sure I only have half the followers there that I have in terms of subscribers on youtube, but I get better views there. They are even beta testing their own monetising options too with adverts finally showing up there.
Not that I've seen any ads over there yet.
But I am getting more exposure there.