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Now, why do they call these a black light?

Ever felt the need to take a really good long look at your surroundings and see what you can't see?

You know, imperfections in the paint job on your walls, minute scratches on your car, if that rather unpleasant smell in your kitchen was an unwelcome gift from your pet dog.
Or maybe you just want to see the world burn?
Well if it's the latter, then you should seek some help, but if it's any of the former, or you just want to see something funky, then you might want to look at a UV blacklight, just like this one.

The Daily Fail strikes again

When, I do wonder, will the Daily Mail actually bother to put more then a few seconds of research into their articles, or not just jump to one conclusion and stick with it to the end, even when it's proven wrong? I also wonder when will Daily Mail readers actually bother to check the sources of some of these articles, especially when they relate to something rather easy to check, like a youtube video.

I've just watched a video by Skallagrim regarding the Daily Mail's "Article" about a video that has been taken down by youtube because it's a "How to" video, an instructional video, on how to defeat a stab proof vest on the Slingshot channel.
Yeah, you read that right, defeat a stab proof vest.
But the thing is, it WASN'T a "how to" video, it wasn't giving instructions on how to "Beat" a stab proof vest, it was testing how resilient it was, if it was indeed worth the money paid and if it could save the life of someone using it.