The Daily Fail strikes again

When, I do wonder, will the Daily Mail actually bother to put more then a few seconds of research into their articles, or not just jump to one conclusion and stick with it to the end, even when it's proven wrong? I also wonder when will Daily Mail readers actually bother to check the sources of some of these articles, especially when they relate to something rather easy to check, like a youtube video.

I've just watched a video by Skallagrim regarding the Daily Mail's "Article" about a video that has been taken down by youtube because it's a "How to" video, an instructional video, on how to defeat a stab proof vest on the Slingshot channel.
Yeah, you read that right, defeat a stab proof vest.

But the thing is, it WASN'T a "how to" video, it wasn't giving instructions on how to "Beat" a stab proof vest, it was testing how resilient it was, if it was indeed worth the money paid and if it could save the life of someone using it.
The fact that the video has been taken down prevents anyone from being able to judge for themselves about it's content, and that is obviously going to make the Daily Fail rather happy and hopefully make people click their article to make them more money.

Because that is all they do care about, making money by spreading lies and hate and misinformation.
We've known that for years about the Daily Fail though. Journalistic Integrity is not associated with that particular rag, fear mongering and sexism however are amongst the various other negative things they like to sprout off about, and are things they delight in spreading, and it's up to the rest of us to point out their blatant attempts to mislead everyone by using, gasp, some actual investigation into the matter. Now the video is gone, so it can't be watched right now, it's unclear if it completely gone or just locked out and not viewable for now, youtube has done that in the past, and those videos have came back in the past.
But the channel is still there for now and it's previous videos are still viewable, allowing you to get a very good idea of what this channel is actually like and about. And it's owner has released an update video regarding this situation. In that video he shows the vest and it's damaged plate and talks through the making and results of the video and how he was approached at 8am on Sunday in his own home, uninvited for a statement by two journalists from the Mail.

The reality is this video was a review video, like quite literally millions of others on youtube. And what it did show was potential design flaws in a vest, not all vests, as there are several makes and brands on the market, if that is the same make or type worn by the murdered police officer, Keith Palmer in the Westminster attack, I for one would love to see the Daily Mails proof of this, as the vest that was tested was bought from Amazon.
I somehow doubt the Metropolitan Police force makes a lot of purchases from there.
This video, like all of his others, is not a video about how to use weapons against another person, he shoots his videos by himself, putting no one else in danger,and simply tests to see if a particular item works.
And the Mail has to get in some cheap insults based on his hobbies and interests and no actual knowledge of the man on any real level, such as labelling him "obsessive" because he collects and test weapons. If it turned out he was a train collector they'd have labelled him "sad", if he was into sci fi he'd be labelled a "nerd".

Well, there is one label that suits the Daily Mail perfectly.


And this is not the first time they'd pulled a fast one like this, sadly, they will be believed by the mindless sheep that read their rag, who I guarantee will not look into the matter any futher to find out the truth, but will believe what they have read and without any real knowledge of you, will make the same horrible judgements about you too. And for that I am sorry.

Please check out Skallagrims video on the issue Here and please take a look at the update vlog by Slingshot Here.

I for one refuse to click on a link to the Daily Mail, as a Brit I have been disgusted by their lack of any kind of morals and scruples at all. So I won't provided a link to their "article".
UPDATE: The strike has now been lifted, The video isn't back up yet, but he is now perfectly free to re-upload it again, as well as potentially take legal action the Daily Mail. I don't have access to my twitter account just now but when I do I will update this article again.
UPDATE: Found the Facebook post about the strike being lifted, I was under the impression it was a twitter account based on other reports I had seen, but it was a Facebook post which you can find Here.


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