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Adventure Game Book reviews

Ohhhhh look, look, new content up on the blogger already, you just need to click the link to go see what it's all about. As if the title doesn't give it away :D

Adventure game books were a staple of the 80's for many a child growing up then. Whether it was the more in depth Fighting Fantasy series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone and an army of writer underlings and illustrators breathing life to their worlds, or the simpler but still challenging Chose your own adventure series, or any of the rival stories using similar systems, these were a great way to spend a few hours and let your imagination go wild.

The link here gives you access to the reviews I've already completed, and will soon be joined by future reviews.

And I'm back!

Not that I've been anywhere other than where I would usually be, it's just, I've been rather neglectful of this blogger, and while I'll be honest and admit I'm not too sure about how to best use it, I figure I should be using it anyhow, as best as I do know how anyways.

So what is my aim with this thing right now?

First of all, brush up on my skills on how to use it, frankly it's been awhile and I've never found it too user friendly to begin with anyhow, so I need to brush the dust off so to speak.

Secondly update some of the pages here and the links they have. I'm active on plenty of other social media type things but I've not update the links to them from here. And that has now been resolved.

Thirdly, put up some new channel art I've been messing around with for awhile. It's still pretty much in keeping with the old art, but a bit more revised and clearer to my mind. I've update Twitter and Youtube with it and put it up here and Tumbl…