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Ok, so I'm probably NOT the greatest Let's Player to have ever graced the wide wide world of charging in head first with no clue of what the meaning of the word "strategy" is, but that doesn't I don't enjoy trying to multitask between playing a game, reacting to what's going on and and trying to come up with some witty commentary about it all.

I did say "Trying".

Anyhow on here you can see a complete play list of all my Let's Plays, past, present, and those yet to come, which will obliviously be added once I've played them. I'm a PC player, but my policy is live and let live, you will never hear me utter phrases like "PC master race" or "Console peasants", unless I'm mocking the fools who use these terms.

Just select the game of your choice, and you'll be presented with a full list of every video I have made for that game, all on a page of their own, with the most recent video at the bottom of the page. This will always be a work in progress, and not all listed videos are linked up, just yet.

The Play List

PC Games

Rocket League
Bioshock (the original, not the remastered)
GTA V (work in progress)
LA Noire
Skyrim (original and remastered)
Shadow of Mordor


(work in progress, hold on tight)

Will you press the button?
Google Feud


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