Lego Plane review

So what could be better then building a lego plane?
Well how about the plane and the transport truck to move it from site to site?
And a few little pieces like the mini figs. Those are always good.
In fact it would be a bit weird if a lego set like this came without any mini figs. Unless it was supposed to be tied into an Invisible Man set of some sort. Then that would make sense. 
Sort of.
Ok maybe not.
But moving onto the set itself, it is rather good, like any number of real world planes, the wings fold up for storage on the transporter and when unfolded it really looks the part. In fact this gives the option to have the wings folded out at different angles so you could have nice variations on the plane general look from this alone. It comes with landing wheels which sadly don't retract but can be easily removed or added back onto as needed. The cockpit sits one mine fig and comes with a "flight computer" brick but no stick to fly it with.
The only real weakness for the plane would be the nose section and the rear under the jet engine.
The nose section goes from a cone to a box shape that kinda kills the aerodynamics for me, at least as far as aesthetics go. Given there is some curved in sections it just feels like a longer brick like these might have made a difference to save the aerodynamic look of the place here, it just feels a bit off.
Under the engine is just a flat base unit then some empty space before we get to a curved brick. I can't help but feel this looks off again, and maybe it needed a different, longer curved brick near to the engine to sell the shape it was going for.
Still, small niggles aside, it still looks great.
The construction of both the plane and truck is quite simple and straightforward but still takes about half an hour or so to do both. The only real drawback from a liking-to-make-it-myself point of view if the trailer - it's a prefab job and only needs a few parts added to it to complete it.
Oh well, saves some time I guess.
The actually truck cab looks especially nice, far nice then the plane in fact, and might just be one of my favourite lego trucks, if not my outright favourite due to just how nice it looks in all it's glory. It certainly looks very different from any of the other trucks sets I've gotten over the years. In fact the truck with a different trailer would have been a nice set by itself, so your kinda getting two sets here for the price of one, so nice one Lego :) The only let down I feel is the rear axle section, which is usually going to be covered by the trailer but when the trailer is off, it looks rather frail and vulnerable. You can clearly see the old school lego Technic parts that were used to form the base, and all of it's holes do kinda ruin the overall look, it just gives it a weak feel in general. But so long as they are hidden, it's an otherwise great looking piece. and it does look like it has some room to make a few customised changes too.
There's also a little airport buggy with a fuel drum and three mini figs, all of which serve a different role and look their parts very well. So your well on your way to making the life of an airport crew come to life in lego with this little set.
See the video below for more.


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