Star Wars - Rey's LEGO Speeder Review

Ok, so chances are good you've came across this while either looking for spoilers for The Force Awakens, the new Star Wars movie (as if that really needed to be pointed out) or trying desperately to avoid spoilers (both real and fake alike). 
Or maybe you were trying to avoid all things Star Wars and found your way here anyhow.  What can I say, the force moves in mysterious ways. (Put down the bit of wall you've just destroyed with your bare hands, there's no need for violence.)
That said you might be here for the review I've put up of Rey's Speeder, you know, the Lego toy that's been out for awhile and I just happened to put a review up a couple of days ago, I can't do a movie review yet, simply because I've not seen it. But I might remedy that in the near future. Anyhow I'm supposed to be bloging about the lego toy, not anything else, so allow me to get myself back on track here.

Ok, so the toy itself once constructed looks amazingly close to the vehicle we see in the trailers, the windscreen which is made of two small parts is a bit of a let down but is really the only failing, it simply doesn't look like the windscreen offers any protection at all. The construction is very sturdy, and makes use of a few different building methods that all work very well, providing a little bit of a challenge but nothing too taxing. It has two cargo doors on either side that open by alternative twists of the main engine at the back, opening up to allow a small amount of cargo to be held inside, although it's only holds one specific shape so don't get too excited there, you might be able to make similar shaped items in different configurations of lego bricks though. 
Challenge anyone?
It comes with a variety of equipment that can be stored on one of the doors, no reason you can't get similar bits from other sets to put on the other side if you want to add more gear though.
It comes with stud launchers on either side and a wealth of red stud ammo.

Rey herself has a great print of her costume, although it's not one hundred percent accurate to the movie outfit, and comes with a decent hair mold, not one I've seen before either. She's has an alternate face and a bag to hold equipment or salvage in, but sadly is just for show. The staff is made of a pole and two lightsabre hilts, fuelling any speculation that this staff she carries may be a dual lightsabre of some sort, or a certain Sith Lords relic. But no lightsabre blade parts.
She also has one regular lightsabre hilt to attach to a gun part to make a rifle, and a spare of each so you can easily arrange different setups, and even give the extra gun to her companion piece.

Speaking of whom, the companion is a generic nameless goon TM, presumably a droid of some sort, or maybe someone in chain mail and a mask judging by the bodys paint job. He comes with a crowbar, not black though, more a muted orangey brown colour as his weapon of choice according to the box art. Still, since when do we let the box art decide what we do and don't arm our playthings with?

Overall it's a nice little piece, and doesn't really give any plot points away. Could have had a bit more involvement for the goon, like his own little arsenal beyond a crowbar, and a better windscreen for the speeder, but all in all, a nice solid piece that represents it's on-screen counterpart really well.


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