Dry Throat and bad cough cure. Possibly?

Hi everyone, as you may or may not know, I've been under the weather due to a nasty bug that's been going around making me cough my lungs up. Well, I'm sick of it and I've been looking for a cure. Have I found it?
Ok, so coughing my lungs up might be a bit further from the truth then it really is. It's has been bad, and I've certainly have thrown up, phlegm, bile, actual vomit from my stomach, but not my lungs, not yet, at least.
My symptoms have been around over three weeks now, and after a couple of trips to the doctors, apparently there's nothing they can do, it's a virus, it has to go do it's thing for two weeks. I've had it over three, give it more time they said.....
Meanwhile I have a dry throat that get's dryer each day, a sense of weakness and a coughing fit that makes everyone in the office look my way with looks of either sympathy or concern for the need of a bio hazard squad being called.
Even better the coughing fits can happen at any time, leading to some sleepless nights, and given a choice between coughing up all the time and feeling like a zombie due to lack of sleep, there was really only one choice.
Hello time off work.
So what do you do when faced with a ton of housework that you've been putting off and a cough that is making your eyes water through the sheer force of the hacking and a brain that's getting by on minimal sleep because of it all?
That's right, you go on google and try to find a home made cure. The housework can wait another thee months.
Can't it?
Anyhow, most cures seemed to consist of a combination of honey (always sweet), lemon (always sour), ginger (always.... ginger) garlic (always putting off vampires) and mixing it into some concoction.
So I went and got the stuff needed, when I wasn't feeling half asleep that is, and decided to make some of their way, and my way.
And I can tell you this, the way made it, was a lot stronger then anything else going.
A LOT stronger.
Click the video to learn more.

Otherwise, the best tip I can give you outside of this not quite kill or cure elixir, is to try breathing in and out through only your nose when you feel the cough coming on. It's worked most of the time for me.


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