Shadowplay - getting the sound to work

Ok, been trying to get Shadowplay to work properly for awhile now, if you've used it your probably aware of it's sound recording issues. Here's a few possible solutions on this video.

For those that don't know, Shadowplay is a recording tool that is part of Nvidias GeForce Experience software. This is designed to recording gameplay from your PC to make your own videos to share on social media. So that would be video game reviews, lets plays, or just sharing fun times with friends. Chances are you knew that, but there's always some people who click and link and end up on a page about something else then they were expecting :)

Now the thing I want to make clear is, none of these are guaranteed to work, certainly since the last time I updated the software I've had no problems, but I'm not holding out hope here that will always be the case.
I've been experimenting with the software for age because overall, when it works, it works well, and regardless of the sound issues, it takes very nice video images, obviously if I had a better graphics card and higher end CPU they'd look all the better but I'm in no position to afford either right now, which basically means no Witcher 3 for me till I can get the funds for all three items, game, card and CPU alike.
And yet some of my games shouldn't work with the hardware I DO have, supposedly. is that an indication we get lied to about minimal requirements by the game companies? Possibly, but more likely they want us to not waste our time and money buying something we can't play only to ring up their complaints lines to whine about it, only to be reminded they did warn us our below specs machines would NOT be able to play it.
And even Shadowplay's "parent" software The GeForce Experience does mention that it can't optimise some of my games due to my current specs, yet I can still play them.
Games I have on this list include:

  •  Witcher 2
  •  Assassins Creed Unity
  •  Dragonage Inquisition.

All of which I can play, quite well and quite easily, they just don't look quite as good as they should. And I do find I have to constantly tweak Unity to allow for smoother gameplay but that might just be one of the many flaws in that chapter of one of my favourite series.

But those games that do work, work very well, except when it comes to Shadowplays hit and miss sound recording. It's odd, but I can play a game for half an hour,and the video is perfect, beautifully crisp, perfect for editing later. And the sound too, when it does record is just as well done. But then sometimes it never records your commentaries, and sometimes it does record some of what you've said but cuts off.
With no warning given.
And sometimes the same is true with the games audio.
Which is infuriating,
Imagine your putting together a series that relies on your on the spot observations being recorded right there and then? Your commenting on a bizarre bit of gameplay you've never seen before, or a really weird glitch that stands out like neon light in full colour in a black and white movie. your brain makes an observation that your mouth delivers out loud, something that might make people split their sides with laughter.
And Shadowplay FAILS to record it.
Sure you might remember it, you might be able to go back in and edit later and re-record your line, but you might not have the same motivation at that point and your delivery might not be quite as good, it certainly won't be the same.

And yet in looking around for a solution to shadowplays bizarre and sudden "hear no evil" approach to sound recording, I've noticed two things.

  1. There are a LOT of videos on the topic. I mean a lot. And they go back years.
  2. Nvidia seems oblivious to it. There is nothing, repeat NOTHING in their FAQ's regarding this. It's like they seem to think if they don't mention it, no one will spot it. 

But it's hard to believe they've not had complaint after complaint about this. I know I for one have sent such an email. Or rather I sent an email asking for help about it, but guess what?
Yeup, that's right, no response.

So I've settled for the help of the wider youtube community in general, many of whom have had the same problem as myself and have managed to solve the problem. Albeit some of the videos are very long winded and off on tangents before getting to the point. But the help is still appreciated.
Thanks guys and girls.

So I decided it would be good to share some of the best tips I found most helpful in one video, and hopefully I managed to stay on topic and not deviate too much.
But I'll let you decide that :)

Please feel free to take a look


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