Just seen a video about what Fake Gamer Girl are, the usual "they use boobs to get views". Just wondering, what REALLY is a Fake Gamer Girl?

This might be worth looking into, after all, there's plenty of accounts of female gamers feeling, well, quite fed up with all kinds of negative attitudes shown towards them in the gamer community. 
A lot of "Fake Gamer Girls" comments I've seen tend to be along the lines of general comments about boobs being on display, to the girl somehow being some sort of prostitute, and that last one might not be put across that bluntly
, but certainly seems to be implied heavily.

We've probably all heard about how girl gamers get sexually harassed by male gamers when they play on line multi player and have their headsets on so they can chat to other players.

Or the female cos-player who goes to comic con dressed as her favourite character and gets accused of being a "fake geek girl" because she's actually in shape or has curves or has something about her body that  the onlooking commentator feels makes her not a "real geek girl."

To be fair though men who have shown up cos-playing as their favourite character and have spent the time in the gym needed to get their bodies in shape to look the part get similar accusations.
So maybe it's double standard? Do we just have this one view of what a geek MUST look like and anyone who doesn't meet that is obviously a fraud?

And is that also true of gamers? Certainly their is a strong crossover between gamers and comic book fan boys and girls, not all do both obviously, and not all make sexiest remarks about their counterparts over Xbox live or leave nasty comments in response to YouTube videos.

So, I have to ask the question, what is a REAL Fake Gamer Girl? But I also have to ask the question what is a REAL Fake Gamer in general?

To me a REAL Gamer is simply someone who plays games, be it board games, live action role play games, video games and so on. You would NOT be doing those things on a regular basis if you didn't like it. Likewise you wouldn't be trying to get successful on YouTube as a gamer if you had no idea how to actually play video games. And if you are going to play games you need to be comfortable, from the way your sat, to how your set up to play, either at a desk, on your couch, standing up as I sometimes do, or whatever way you prefer, that extends to what you wear.

Now I'm a man, I've never had breasts, so I've no idea what it's like to live with them on a 24 hour basis, Do I know what breasts feel like? Yes, but how they feel to the touch of someone who isn't their owner isn't relevant here. Jenna Marbles made a good video about living with boobs, or rather the way she can change their appearance. I would assume girls like to be comfortable when they play games and that will extend to their boobs.

Have you ever played a video game while sitting cross legged? Try it sometime, then after you've managed to massage the life back into your legs that have gone to sleep or have that pins and needles feeling, maybe you might have some appreciation that things might just get awkward for girls up there if they aren't dressed in a comfortable way.

At the end of the day, we are all different, in many different ways. Some of us are fat, some of us are skinny, some have more developed muscles and others don't. We all have different likes, and hobbies, some people would love to play their games all days, other want to go out for a walk in the park sometime. 

There is no one cookie cutter example of what a gamer should actually be so if a girl who is in great shape and has boobs is playing games and posting videos and you don't like that she looks like that, that doesn't make her a Fake Gamer Girl.

That means YOU have a problem.


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