So I thought I'd better introduce myself.

I've been messing around on Youtube now for about seven months, trying to get to grips with filming, editing and creating my own graphics, none of which I've done before and I have found both challenging and rewarding.
Challenging as it has meant learning new skills, and rewarding in finding some satisfaction in doing so.
Not that I've had success with youtube, and in this case I'm referring to Subs and views, not making it to some sort of celebrity status or becoming rich quick, neither of which were my aim either.
At this point I have a total of thirteen subscribers, and very few actually seem to watch my videos, and there might be many reasons for that, after all, youtube is a VERY popular medium right now, and my channel is just one of many doing the same thing, out of many, many channels all looking to do many, many different things on a range of topics.
And for the most part I'm doing blind reviewers, totally off the cuff, and just making it up as I go along. I've experimented a little with LetsPlays and Game Reviews, all things I wouldn't mind expanding to as well, and all things that are very well covered already.
Saturated you might say.
And my approach of making it up as I go is also covered in this blog, my first ever. I've no plan with what I'm writing, I'm more testing what I can do, and this is somewhat daunting, especially since I'm having to learn to use some new part of google I didn't know existed until I did some searching.

But what are my aims with a blog in addition to a YouTube channel?

Well, quite simple, increased self promotion, I aim to write up a blog post for each future video review I do. Following the same principle of making it up as I go along.

That might change in future of course.

And right now I can't think of anything else to write, it is nearly 1am after all and like all people, I do need some sleep.

Hopefully I'll not feel too embarrassed when I read this in the future and might even look back fondly at this completely rank amateur attempt to introduce me and my aims, but I somehow kinda doubt it.

Time will tell.

But feel free to check me out


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