Regarding Like4Like and Sub4Sub requests

I've been getting a few requests for these of late, and of course I've declined, in most cases.

The exceptions to that have been when I have ACTUALLY liked the video and do want to see more, but it does feel a bit tainted that the person was hunting for Likes and Subs in this manner.

The reason I won't is simply because it's dishonest, it's dishonest and a disservice to all the people involved, including the person whose asking. And it's also fairly obvious why it's pointless to ask for people to Sub4Sub, and that's because even if they do Sub you, there's not a guarantee that they WILL watch your future videos. I'm Subscribed to so many channels now that my feed sometimes means I have to work my way through everything just to see what videos I want to watch first, and there's always some I'm not interested in too. In those case's it's because the channel in question is a bit like mine in that it covers lots of different things, some of which I AM interested in and was the reason I Subbed, the others, I'm either not interested in or can take or leave.

The classic example is to look at PewDiePie's Sub count, and ask yourself, how many of those Subs actually watch his stuff? How many had Subbed and forgotten about him? I know very few of my Subscribers actually watch my updates, and that is something I want to work on, but to do that, I need to improve my videos and get myself exposure. So I'm reaching out and trying to get some attention, I've setup accounts on Tumblr, StumpleUpon and Reddit and have posted a few things, but again, so far, no luck.

Still, I'm willing to give them time, it's been only a few days.

But what about the Sub4Sub hunters?

Well, I've decided to update my youtube's ABOUT section to draw attention to this.

"I do not take part in Like4Like or Sub4Sub or paying for views. I will only Like your video if I really do like it, (I only hit dislike if it's something I find objectionable) and the same is true for Subscribing, that means I want to see more of your stuff. Please do not be surprised if your request for this is ignored."

Think that might work?


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