If your a photography fan, this little trick to make it look like "Fine Art" might amaze you

I've just seen this most amazing technique on digitalrev's website, and it blew me away.


First with the look of the image they shared, then again with the simplicity of how they did it via photoshop.

Yeah it's a trick using photoshop, take a good picture and find some way to make it look even better by adding a little of the photoshop magic over it in subtle, but effective ways.

And even if you don't have photoshop you'll be able to recreate the same effect in any halfway decent image editor.

Obviously MS Paint doesn't count.

Anyhow as this is their article, I'm not going to spoil it for you here, and I'm certainly not going to claim credit where credit is not due on my part.

But I can give you a link. So check it out, and see what else they have to inspire your photography.


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