Transformers Highway Clash - Adventure Gamebook Review

You find an old copy of an adventure game book on your desk, you've no idea how it got there, but you pick it up and have a flick through and become intrigued.

Will you, Continue reading? Go to page 2, or Continue reading? Go to page 2.

If you love Transformers, old school G1, and Choose our own adventure type adventure game books, then this book is for you 
Optimus Prime, is here, or at least he will be once you find him and help him and Prowl take on Megatron with his latest mad plot to..... ahhh, well that would be a spoiler ;)

Oh and Rumbles here's too.

Or is it Frenzy?
We've saved the best till last, as did the writers and publishers of this series as the Big Guns, the leaders of the  Autobot's and Decepticon's finally get to go head to head in the last Adventure Game Book in the series.


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