A day trip to Beamish - photoshoot

So I took a day trip to Beamish not so long ago, and decided to practise my photography a bit, and what better place to take some great shots then a living, breathing, outdoors museum of the days of old? 
And in the case of Beamish that's the 1820's, 1910's and 1940s, and the difference between those periods and the modern day that we all live in today, makes for a fantastic collection of very unique views.

This is just a short preview video of things to come.

Beamish is a great place to go, based in County Durham in the North East of England, it recreates the different time periods very well, with reenactors moving around the exhibits to help create the idea that this place is very much alive. It has further plans to expand and is currently preparing to build a new 1950's town and well as expand the 1820's section quite significantly with all new exhibits. It also has plans for an 1980's town.
I know I keep finding something different each time I go there, and it is very much worth the visit, so please check them out sometime at their website: www.beamish.org.uk and if your in the neighbourhood, go check them out.


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