Swords, swords, swords, unboxing review on location! And some house keeping.

Ok, no Let's Play this week as I've not got access to my gaming PC, and I've not got all my equipment with me right now, but that doesn't mean no content today, oh no. 
I've been busy making review videos at my secret location, so I'm aiming to have two maybe three review videos a week for the foreseeable future, before things return to normal.

I also have other plans for the channel, to expand it's range and scope of content a tad. And I'm working on those as we speak.

Don't worry Let's Play will still be a part of that too, and my ultimate aim is to be in a position to make uploads Monday to Friday, making more use of my blogger and other social media as well.

Anyhow, onto the review proper, today's review sees me go a bit medieval, which is another theme I'm thinking of exploring more in future as well, and as a bit of first hand experience, I decided to get my hands on a few different items to help me acclimatise a bit more first hand to the subject. So yes, there will be follow up reviews as this is but the tip of the proverbial sword tip of the iceberg. I've even made a new intro sequence, as well, and had to film in a different location to my normal desk environment, it all feels a bit more, primitive.

Well, more so than it usually does.

Anyhow here's the video, something I think you might be able to guess the topic of by it's title.

Swords, Swords, Swords.

So, that's the house keeping done, as always, leave your comments and thoughts below (I'm especially curious what your thoughts on my Future Ideas might be), hit that like or dislike button and SUBSCRIBE if you want to, but most of all, please feel free to share on any and all social media you hang around on.

Thank you very much indeed. 


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