Taking a look at some Larping and Cosplay outfits

I think the title says it all, eh? I've always wondered about just how good the quality of these outfits are, and if any of them might even be wearable on a day to day basis.

And to be honest from what I found in this haul, all of the items were of a good standard of quality, meaning they were very well made.

But would you be able to wear them outside of a convention or a larp event?

Well, probably not, not unless you have a fancy dress party of some sort to go to, or a themed charity day at work, or if somehow this kind clothing suddenly became REALLY fashionable and everyone felt they just had to have it, or you just feel like your dress sense is truly unique and you must stand out no matter where you may be.

All of these items were bought from amazon.co.uk but came from the following companies you'll find listed below. Not all have website where you can buy direct from them, so I've provided links to their own amazon page where appropriate):

EpicArmoury International - Inter-Moden - Funtasma - Crazyladies Costumes - Eldenwald UK - NauticalMart


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